Hello everyone (or those very few people who might actually read this),

Like so many things on the internet, Ravsitar's Travels really didn't amount to much. But that's my fault. Writing blog posts every week isn't my style (or something I'm good at). The lack of activity (and visitors) combined with all the security issues of having a wordpress blog out there and relatively unattended, have led me to take everything down. I did make a nice backup of everything I've written, just in case I feel like bring the whole thing back at some future time.

Have no fears that I'm completely abandoning the internet. That's silly hippie talk. I'm out there, just not here.

Below are some links to the places on the internet where I'm still very active

Ravsitar (Matt A)

Want to view my photographs? Check me out on FLICKR

Want to have a conversation in 140 characters? Stop by my TWITTER feed.

When I do get a hankering to be more wordy than 140 characters, I do that posting over on GOOGLE+